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Posted by Jason Yankee on May 09, 2015
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If your looking for part-time work that can possibly turn into full-time work, then why not check out math tutoring. In many cases, you don’t need an advanced degree. For instance, if you want to tutor at a university, then often you only need an A or B grade in whatever your tutoring, and a 3.0 GPA. In other cases, you might need to pass a test, or it might be a combination of all these requirements.

On the other hand, if you want to tutor high school or middle school students, then thier might not be any official qualifications at all, other than a background check. A person would simply apply at a school, or post freelancer ads.

However, if you want to do video tutoring, then they might demand advanced qualifications because the companies are in harsh competition. In that case, a bachelors in math or math related field might be needed, but in some cases a masters. Nonetheless, some video tutoring companies will hire college students, but they require them to pass a qualification test and practice tutoring session. What kind of pay is involved?

Math tutors can make either minimum wage or above minimum wage. Obviously, educational advantages and experience would put one in a position to demand more money. It might even be possible for an offically well educated tutor to make as much as a college professor. However, I doubt if one would ever earn as much as an engineer. What skills are needed for the job?

Well, for one thing you should have totally mastered your sub-field of math, whether it be algebra or Calculus, in order to establish credibility. Obviously, even tutors make mistakes, but too many of them could lead to lost jobs. Also, a tutor needs to be able to work with people well. He or she should be patient. However, the student should do their part and not force the tutor to do all the work. Also, the tutor should never give the answer, but force the student to figure it out somewhat on their own. Of course, in such a scenario the tutor’s job is to give useful hints.

Finishing off the article, if your ever in need of a job, then math tutoring is always in demand. Many people can’t do math, so there is always openings. It might be a good fit.

Forum Posting Jobsite List

Posted by Jason Yankee on March 25, 2015
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One way to make money is via forum posting. Look at it this way. Your posting all the time on social media, but why not get paid for writing? Also, it’s far less demanding than writing a blog post. Just make sure you write something meaningful.


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Find Fast Work is a website where you can find job openings,  as well as career information.  I hope you enjoy your stay at this site.


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Have you even thought about becoming an accountant?  Obviously, you would need to be very good at math.  Since a lot of people don’t like math, then that can be a turn-off.  Anyhow, if somebody did like math, and was good at it, then the accountant profession might be a good choice.   However, remember, math isn’t the only skill needed.  A person has to be well organized to pull off the job.


What education is needed?  Well, you need at least a bachelors degree.  In addition, nowadays, you might need a masters degree to beat the competition.  What is the job growth outlook for this profession?  Well, it’s expected to grow faster than average.


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